BAFTA & Rocliffe

Production company Rocliffe, in partnership with BAFTA, runs the BAFTA/Rocliffe New Writing Competition & Showcase, an initiative which has connected scores of aspiring British writers and filmmakers with agents, development executives and established industry members. For some time I have been creating digital backdrops for their showcase evenings – here is a selection of some of the imagery commissioned.

Fly in the Ointment’ – written by Carys Waterford and directed by Susan Jacobsen: Cork, Ireland. 1980. Set against a backdrop of anti-abortion campaigns, two teenage girls form a punk band and forge a trail of disruption in their quiet, religious coastal town.

Gentle’ – written by Keir Burrows and directed by Ian Aryeh: A portrait of Echo, a thoughtful, lonely boy from small town Oklahoma, told over three days – one in childhood, one in adulthood, and one as he faces death

Midas’ – written by Rob Marshall and directed by Nour Wazzi: A teenage boy develops Midas syndrome – the golden touch – and has to control his perception of the world in order to survive.

Gala Dalí’ – directed by Susan Jacobson: A biopic of Gala, Salvador
Dalí’s wife, muse and manager; detailing their tempestuous lives and
descent into madness, paralysis and death.

Kowloon’ – by David Dowling: a dark labyrinthine thriller based around the
murder of a renowned British journalist inside the Walled City of Kowloon.

Port Llywd‘ – directed by Nour Wazzi: by a young boy moves to Porth
Llywd, a sleepy coastal village plagued by supernatural phenomena –
and an ancient curse.

Of Lions and Foxes‘ – written by Stuart Tubby and directed by Christopher Brand: a sci-fi school drama set in the future, concerned with internet isolation, surveillance and online bullying.

Pont Brec’- by Damian Evans, Briony Redman and Charlotte Gittins, and directed by Susan Jacobson: When her family and livelihood hit breaking point, pillar of the community Susan turns to bank robbery. Watch out Wales, shit’s about to get Swayze……

Blue Skies’ – written by Peter Emina and directed by Kat Wood: A young South African woman who dreams of becoming a flight attendant struggles to make it to the interview that could change her life.