StudioAKA was commissioned by Disney to create 7 minutes of feature quality animation for their upcoming film ‘Godmothered’, starring Jillian Bell and Isla Fisher. Directed by Sharon Maguire, the production had come to a standstill; losing its last week of shooting due to lockdown. An important sequence at the movie’s beginning which set up the story and characters was still missing.

Working with art director Gergely Wootsch, I was commissioned by AKA to reimagine the existing live action material  into a stylised environment for animation. The idea was to keep a storybook feel to the artwork with nods to Disney classics such as 101 Dalmatians. The sets and props were all to be created in CG, while lush, traditional 2D animation was used for the characters.

Production unfolded at breakneck speed – mountains of storyboards, layouts and designs were produced – a small selection of which are shown here. I was so lucky to be part of such a fantastic team – with the peerless Marc Craste at the helm. An amazing project to be part of!