IPUT – The New Calibration

Post-pandemic, what are workers and citizens going to want from the workplace?


IPUT is a visionary property developer that constantly strives to set the benchmark for quality in Irish real estate and property development. ‘Making place’  is a recent report they did on recalibrating office properly post the COVID-19 pandemic.



New York flâneuses.

New York Subway peeps – all things bright and beautiful.

Sausage Classification

Restaurant terrorist spotted at weekend

Hot child in the city

Local bagel shop

Hoopla: Laurel & Hardy

Summer barbecue pitfalls #8: Too much charcoal

Shade can be a good thing.

Summer barbecue pitfalls #17: Too much lighter fluid

Cat breakfasts, breaks everything

House Beautiful

Make America GREAT again.

A vintage Mercedes Roadster – need I say more?