I first learned to swim at the age of seven at the De Paul pool on the Navan Road, about 35 years ago, and did some quasi-competitive swimming up to the age of about 12. I then dipped in and out of it literally (and metaphorically) up to the age of 30, when I started working as an art teacher at Latymer Upper School which had a pool and a great swimming programme, which teachers could join as well. Besides doing wonders for my fitness and physical health and informing and enriching my own work, it has literally changed my life; I have met great people, made some wonderful friends, and have trained, swam and competed in amazing places. For anyone thinking of learning or even taking it up again, I cant recommend it enough; you never feel bad after a swim!


Paris Gay Games 2018 200m breast stroke

Brockwell Lido; Bank Holiday Monday Limited Edition Print

Out to Swim Paris Gay Games 2018 Squad

Official Paris 2018 kit design Out to Swim

Shark and Minnow Limited Edition Print

‘Ladies’ Layout’, Synchronised Swimming Limited Edition Print

Backstroke Streamline Limited Edition Print

Swimming Club Limited Edition Print

Hellespont Swim 2013 Swimming from Europe to Asia!

SwimTrek Cyclades, July 2015

Adam Peaty at European Championships, London Aquatics Centre Sketchbook

European Diving Championships, London Aquatics Centre Sketchbook

Great London Swim July 2012