Dermot Flynn

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Panti has been a presence in Dublin for me ever since I was studying Visual Communication in the NCAD during the 1990's, first of all as an outrageous presence on the club circuit with Powderbubble and Alternative Miss Ireland, and most recently, as a vociferous and fiercely effective LGBT rights activist. Her wonderful work reached new heights with the successful YES campaign, which culminated in the Marriage Equality pact being passed on May 22nd of last year. The 'Queen of Ireland' print is my own small way of celebrating the wonderful events that happened in Ireland in 2015, and is available to purchase in my online shop.

The Queen of Ireland - Limited Edition Gicleé Print

The Queen's Speech (Christmas Day 2015)
'Change isn't always easy, but it's absolutely necessary. I don't mean change for changes sake, but there are very few things in life that are perfect or remain fit for purpose over time. (Well, possibly Dolly Parton).'

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