GQ France: Rugby Rules

This month, GQ FRANCE is all about rugby, and how the dual nature of the sport, brute force and respect, is viewed as the ideal template for how to operate within a corporate environment. This interesting anecdote also came up:

South Africa, Rugby World Cup, 1995. France defeats England for the third time. After the game, the English team decide to drown their sorrows at a pub/restaurant called Ed’s Diner, unaware that the French team had also chosen this place to celebrate their victory. Things could have turned ugly but instead the two teams bonded through a series of drinking games and a riotous food fight.
If I had known that this sort of thing went on rather than just simply stumbling around in the muck in the Navan Road sports grounds, I might have stuck with it during my formative years in Belvedere………there’s NOTHING like a good food fight………