OFFSET: An inspirational kick up the arse

This year was the first that I made over to OFFSET, the highly regarded design and creative conference which has been held ever year in Dublin since 2009. Previously I had been put off due to timings but had no reason to miss it this year – and how glad I was that I didn’t.┬áThe three days of talks have been a serious wakeup call for me in terms of my own work, and how I am going to move forward with it.

What I am realising is that the emotional journey and background of the creator is just as important as the work itself – and sharing this with an audience- which is something that I really have to work on! Highlights for me were Stephen Kelleher’s beautiful animation and photography; Morag Myerscough’s joyful, vibrantly colourful sculptures and installations; the quirky, buzzing character design and animation of TADO, and the foulmouthed, hilarious genius of Mr Bingo.

I am now going away to have a long hard think about what I am doing and where I am going…….